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Escape 2: Distraction tracker

Escape is a simple tool for tracking time spent using social media. Its landing page will attack you with an unbelievable stat:

Sixty minutes on social networks every day equals 45 working days every year.

Escape's first goal is to track time spent on these networks and present it in a user friendly way. They are accomplishing this with a simple UI which includes merely number of visits and time spent.

When it comes to getting better, there is functionality for setting "quotas". You can decide to aim for maximum of 15 minutes on Facebook every day, or you can set up a weekly quota - for example no more than 1 hour weekly on Twitter.

What makes Escape different from everything else is the menubar item: Whenever you open Instagram, it shows you how much time you spent on Instagram this week. This number tends to be scary, because the time really adds up over the week. In result it's a very effective reminder.

Mac, $9.99 (US), App Website