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Timings 3: Powerful time tracking

Timings 3 is a robust, powerful time tracker that doesn't make any compromises.

If you're a freelancer, you'll appreciate the ability to set up a list of your clients and respective hourly rates.

You can set up a list of your current projects - and then for each project a list of activities. So if you have "Personal Blog", perhaps you'll add "writing articles" and "editing pictures".

From there, it's classic time tracking. There is a button next to each activity to start and stop, or you can control the app from menu bar.

A big feature is editing your logged hours. Timings 3 basically gives you a calendar view of your week, where you can go back and edit your previous entries.

If you are looking for a classic time tracker with with good organization of clients/projects/activities, Timings 3 is for you. If you want to automate the process, you may consider something like similarly-named Timing.

€39, App Website